Build a better business.
Supported by Technology.

Have the information you need?
Customers easily connect with you?
Team productive and collaborative?
Critical data safe and secure?
Technology options confusing?
Technology supporting your growth?


We believe that growing organizations need access to "Big Company" experience and knowledge to help them scale and run their best business.

What We Do


The Questions...Do you have the right technology?
Is it properly set up and integrated?
Will it support your future?
Is it being well managed?
Do you have expensive technology that you don't need?
With the TecZen Assessment service, We ...
- Clarify your vision and the challenges with your business, as it affects your supporting technology.
- Produce an assessment takeing a broad look at the technology connected to, and used by, your organization.
- Evaluate each assets' impact on your business, level of support, security, and ability to enable your future.
- Make observations and recommendations on technology, and it's management.


The Questions...Which of the many solutions out there are best for your business?
How should these solutions be properly connected to each other to give you an end-to-end work flow.
How do you gain access to those silos of information to give you the integrated insight you want?
How can your organization work more effectively with the support of technology?
With the TecZen Blueprint service, We ...
- Create a model that describes which technologies you need in your organization
- Provide guidance for how they should be connected and managed.
- Help you make sound policy decisions for your workflow and get the best results from your technology.

Road Map

The Questions....Where do you start?
What system should be implemented first. second, third?
What is the estimated investment required to meet your needs?
What do you do if a project did not turn out as you expected?
Change does not happen overnight, and technology can not be implemented all at once.With the TecZen Roadmap service, We...
- Provide you with a sequenced investment plan over the period of time (1-3 years) that you need to put your critical technology systems in place efficiently and effectively.
Things will change along the course of implementing your plan. we also provide you with the process and tools to monitor and manage your portfolio of projects.


Take advantage of years of experience in implementing impactful change in the leadership and management of technolgy. We will be the voice in your ear providing options and solutions to real life organizational challanges and oportunities.Specialized advice on implementing critical technology process, policy , behaviours and structure in the following key areas


Experienced 1:1 advice for senior technology leaders on developing a world class IT organization at any scale.

Portfolio Management

We help you implement a process you can trust to help select the right projects at the right time and ensure that they are done the right way

Technology Governance

Ensure that your technology related activities and investments continue to support your targeted business outcomes.

About Us

Glen Hicks

Glen is an Information Technology & Telecommunications Executive, with a career spanning over 25 years with one of North Americas largest and most innovative Digital Service Provider. Possesing expertise in building and optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure to maximize business results and fiscal performance. Skilled strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key operational targets and goals. Proven track record of applying a practical mix of technologies that meet business needs while balancing risk. Motivated achiever with ability to recommend enhancements to business processes. Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communicator who can deliver effective presentations, consult on technology projects, and maintain collaborative relationships.

His expertise includes:
- Strategic Decision Making (Business and Technology)
- Business Model Development
- Change Leadership
- Planning and Portfolio Management
- Enterprise Architecture
- IT Delivery
- Partner/Vendor Relationships
- Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (Servers, Storage, Security, Network)


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